"Saw you people today at Croxfest. Really enjoyed your set."

— Malcolm Weinberg , Croxfest 2016.

"Hi guys/gals, I just wanted to say I was working outdoors behind the green in Croxley on Saturday and was lucky enough to hear your set- I really enjoyed it! Can you tell me the set list please as I REALLY liked the track you played at 12.45 pm (I think) it might have been you first or second one. You guys sounded great at a distance, hopefully soon I can hear you closer up at a gig. Keep up the good work, sounding great!!!

— Mike Sibley, Croxfest 2016.

"You were brilliant at Croxfest"

— Martin Reeves, Croxfest 2016.

"Coming from a predominantly classic rock background I am very pleasantly enjoying your set at croxfest. Very original, even made gimme shelter your own. Am thinking you could've would've comfortably been picked for the theme for the vikings or sons of anarchy TV shows. Will be following you" x

— Darren Armitstead, Croxfest 2016.

"Fabulous Halloween party last night a big thank you to all the staff who made a real effort with their costumes
and to Annalise and the Band, Strange Folk, who were just brilliant!""

— Simon Hawthorns, Glastonbury, 2015.

"My first Strange Folk experience, it was awesome guys & won't be my last. Fab CD made journey home a bit better!"

— Dawn Ashcroft 2015.

"You Were Wonderful ! When Caroline an I saw you in Concert at Glastonbury Abbey Well Done .... Maire XXX"

- Marie Bryant 2015.

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