"I was at you're spectacular light and music show on the 12th september, and was really impressed with the first act that came on,
it was a rock band that sounded a bit like Jefferson Airplane?, Would you be able to tell me what the band's actual name is/ was, I though they were amazing and I'd like to know if they are a local band or not?"

— Richard (St.Albans) Re: Glastonbury Abbey gig-Night, Sept 2014.
" Hi Guys, I just wanted to say a big thank you for playing at Night at the Abbey this year. I managed to catch a good chunk of your set and it was sounding excellent. I hope you sold a good number of CDs as I heard many people say they were really impressed by you guys.

— James Stone (Event & Membership Coordinator) Re: Glastonbury Abbey gig-Night, Sept 2014.

Hi, I was at Glastonbury Abbey on Friday, and I really liked you're music....do you ever play at the Horn in St.Albans? I think you would be well received there... Also you should try and convince the owners of Hatfield house to play in their grounds at home park, they had a folk festival earlier there this year, I think you would have been the main attraction if you were there.

I've just bought your new album from your website, and am eagerly awaiting it in the post? Just one last thing, and don't laugh at me, because I'm not making this up, as I have witnesses to this...but I made an 11minute long film of you whilst at the abbey on my i-phone, but 6 minutes of it is added to by a strange object or orbes that were dancing about 10 feet above your music stage/tent...it makes bizarre viewing as this thing seems to like your music?, just goes to show even spirits (if thats what they are), have good taste in music!

I emailed the organisers at Glasto Abbey to say how good you all were, and they said they were pleased I enjoyed you're music and that they would see if they can book you for next year? So fingers crossed, unless of course you get signed up to a label through some talent scout at X-FM in the meantime?? Keep up the good work....

- Richard (St.Albans) Re: Glastonbury Abbey gig-Night, Sept 2014.

On September 12th, whilst on holiday at Glastonbury, I had the pleasure to experience one of your performances and was truly mesmerized. There were other good acts but your band stood head and shoulders above the rest. Its the style I prefer, so maybe I am biased. The entertaining and tight performance was a treat and the ep came along as a bonus. I have listened to it ad nausiam in the car. I am eagerly awaiting for Hollow..........Part 2 and hope that it is in the pipeline. Has the band any other recorded material that I can purchase?

I hail from Malta and have been playing in bands (heavy metal or rock) for fifteen years until I had to call it quits due to my job a couple of years ago. I still follow the scene and after your gig felt that time has come to dust the keyboards and start anew. Its a good way to let off steam. Being a lyricist, I could not fail to take note of the lyrics. I am enchanted. I hope that someday we will see you in Malta. I will be spreading the news here about your band. Strange Folk can turn out to be interesting folk indeed.

- Keith Muscat (Malta) Re: Glastonbury Abbey gig-Night, Sept 2014.

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